About Danny

My name is Danny LeClaire and I'm 21 years old, and I currently go to school at Southern Oregon University. I have been exploring photography for three years and half years, and I am really enjoying it! When I was younger I didn't know nor care about photography. I was too focused on sports and other mundane activities. It wasn't until July of 2015 I received my first camera. And honestly, at first, I hated photography. I felt awkward, confused and frustrated. I was completely lost and wasn't sure how to compose a photograph. I'm realizing now that this journey and exploration through art and photography is totally subjective. In the beginning, I was always asking myself, "Am I doing this right? How do the professionals make their pictures look so good? What am I doing wrong?"  I know now that there is no "wrong way" in photography,  it's all self-expression and it is a way for me to show the world as I see it. 

 I seem to gravitate towards landscape photography, as our planet is full of breathtaking landscapes that each have a personality of their own. I am constantly looking for new ways to challenge myself and expand my work, your feedback and comments really help!

Recently I have begun to work more in filmmaking, specifically taking on the role of Director Of Photography. I am looking forward to my career as a DOP and future projects!  


I am very excited to continue with photography and cinematography and explore new ways to express myself. I hope you enjoy my work as well and I am very excited for the future!  


-Danny LeClaire Photography Est. 2016-